Angelica's story of her journey back to good health - both physical and emotional - is as uplifting and as inspiring as her incredible singing voice."

  Connie Smith, Media Personality, Order of Ontario

Testimonials & Book Reviews

"After reading 'Love Is Light' I cried for hours. I don't know why. I felt such relief . . ."

Barb Norman, Children's Book Reader Review

I know when as artist exudes passion and determination; that is the passion behind the voice of Angelica. She is one of the most talented, professional, enthusiastic entertainers and vocalists in the Canadian music industry that I have ever had the pleasure of being introduced to. Her impeccable range, excellent tone & pitch impress me every single time. Angelica, I'm sure, will bring new and innovative contributions to the worldwide music scene. Mark Berry, Chairman Attack Media Group

Angelica is a world class vocalist and an incredible speaker.   Karl & Sandra Clarke, Durham West Probus of Ajax

Wow, what an incredible singer . . . I'm lucky I didn't have to do my speech after her performance. She choked me up . . .   The Late Jack Layton, Leader of NDP Canada

Everyone was so impressed and touched by Angelica, from her story to her voice. They want her back already. Donna Ingram, Program Coordinator Women's Probus of Alliston, ON

My wife and I really enjoyed Angelica's performance and are looking forward to listening to her CD. Armand P. La Barge, O.O.M. Chief of Police, York Regional Police

I was absolutely blown away at the divine intricacy of this children's tale. 'Love Is Light' tells the tale of the age old battle of Darkness and Light, the power of fears' illusionary falsehood, the divine innocence of a child, and the rising of our Christed Light to vanquish the fear and darkness within and without. Beautiful, soul soothing, and undeniaably true of heart. Angelica not only carries a wimsical pen but an angelic voice to match. I'm beyond honored to be able to share this divine lady's work with you today.   Galactic Greg, Children's Book Reader Review

On behalf of the Sculptors Society of Canada I want to thank you ever so much for your gracious performance at Festive Spirits. You helped to set the ambiance for the evening! It was a pleasure to meet you - especially for our members and guests! Your voice is a true gift! Judy D., Scluptors Society of Canada

My granddaughter and I watched 'Love Is Light' and afterwards she wanted to watch it again. I did too. Thank you Angelica. Your story and voice brought beautiful love and light to us. So grateful. If you have a child or not . . . watch this. It will touch everyone. Review by Andrea Franks, Vancouver, BC

Angelica, thank you for a wonderful presentation. Your music is superb, your voice is just beautiful. You have such a calm, gentle air that transmits good feeling and peace - spectacular. The stories that you told between the songs gave a warm insight into your personal life. I would love to hear more; you are a fascinating person. Win Johnston, President the Sheridan Probus, Mississauga, ON

The voice of our future time. Our world would heal if we all listened to this beautiful music. Clive Johnston, Edinburgh, Scotland

Angelica is a truly inspired individual who has broken cultural barriers through her singing. She has the qualities of a world-class singer. Her captivating voice, talent and sweet personality are key characteristics that distinguish her. We are honored to award Angelica with the Canpak Award of Excellence. Dr. S. Hasmi, RPA, H.D., CEO Canpak Chamber of Commerce, Canada

Angelica has a unique ability to express herself with her angelic voice that touches the listener's heart. She is everyone's dream. Read her book. Sit back and experience her singing. I'm sure she will be one of the greats of this decade. We are thrilled to have her as a regular guest as she makes the climb. Senator Holland Redfield, Host of 'Straight Talk with Redfield, WSTX, VI

Angelica, it was a pleasure to have you perform and sign copies of your book and CD Remember Who You Are in our store. Our customers enjoyed the music and we received compliments for offering such a musical delight. Your personality and level of professionalism made coordinating this event easy. I am certain that your musical anilities will be bringing joy to millions. Renee Carter, Manager Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles

And then, all of a sudden, I stumbled upon a real gem: Angelica. She was singing live on a raised patio during the TIFF. All I could say was WOW! I was so stunned by her talent and poise. She is a pop and classical singer and she sings opera like very few people in the world. She could go on the same stage with Andrea Bocelli today and I'm sure she wouldn't feel out of place at all. She is amazing. David Farrell, FYI Music News Editor 'Morning Coffee with David Farrell'

Angelica, what an unbelievable person and artist you are! Your music is incredibly beautiful to say the least; I almost have no words to describe it. And now during our interview we discovered you are so much more than this amazing singer/songwriter. You are such an inspiration . . . We feel so blessed to have you on our show and are looking forward to having you on again. Dennis Kelly, co-Host of 'The Saturday Night Ride' Radio Show, 89.5 FM

I was privileged to watch Angelica perform during the Toronto Film Festival and she is a spectacular singer. I would be interested in collaborating with her in the near future for she is a very talented and inspiring artist. Richard Rionda Del Castro, CEO & Chairman Hannibal Pictures

Angelica, you continue to fascinate me with your voice, your interpretation and last but not least with your beauty. I am very proud of your accomplishments, especially of the release of your CD and book Remember Who You Are. I wish you continued success; I'm looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon! Titus Munteanu, TV Producer, winner of the 'Silver Rose Award' Montreux Switzerland

Angelica, your CD and book are incredible beautiful. I've been listening to your CD for the past few days and I'm pretty sure I have each song memorized. Your voice is truly magnificent. I'm thrilled and even more excited to have you a guest on our show. Zita Ost, Producer, co-Host of The Buzz with Scotty and Zita, MN

Your CD and book are absolutely wonderful. What an incredible idea1 Thank you for a wonderful interview. We all agree, you sing like and Angel. I pray that God will continue to bless you and prosper you. It has been a pleasure. Stephanie Miles, Producer 'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness' Radio Talkshow with former Mayor Carl E. Officer, WQQX 1490 AM, U.S.A.

Angelica it was a pleasure having you on the show. It was a great success and people are writing me to ask how I heard of you. They love your music. You are a testament of strength, talent, beauty and hard work. Jacqueline Foreman, Host of Your Mental Health Radio Talk Show, NJ

A triple threat. Inside Halton Newspaper, ON

We were treated to an amazing life story from Angelica Ganea - a superb author, a talented songwriter, and a truly accomplished singer/musician. It was a story of perseverance and persistence in following her musical dreams with energy, with inner motivation, and with her gifted talent, overcoming disappointments along the way with dogged determination. Her singing voice was stunning - her message of love and forgiveness delivered through song, the timbre of her voice both soft and firm, and her upper range delicate and oh so easy to listen to and enjoy. What a talent! J. Douglas Bryden, Past President Central Peel Mixed Probus, ON

Angelica's account of her journey from Romania to Canada is both engaging and inspirational. How she achieved her goal is a compelling tale. Her presentation was superb entertainment. We gave her standing ovations at the end of her presentation. Lorraine Van Wagner, Speakers' Chair, Women's Probus of Caledon East, ON

Angelica Ganea's story of her journey back to good health - both physical and emotional - is as uplifting and as inspiring as her incredible singing voice. 'Habits Rule You' offers a step by step roadmap to optimal health and fitness based on the latest findings by the leading researchers in the areas of nutrition, exercise and neuroscience. With humor, candour and old country common sense, Angelica has a lesson for us all in how to think away bad habits and create new positive ones. Book Review by Connie Smith, Media Personality, Order of Ontario

Dear Angelica, both the musical selection and the personal comments were so appropriate! The comments after the meeting were universally positive. We would have no reservations in recommending you. It was a pleasure dealing with you. Ross Farrelly, Speakers' Chair the Probus of Orangeville, ON

You have packed more into your life than many who are twice your age. You have pursued a lifetime of learning. Your determination is to be thoroughly admired. Though English is your second language, you've become superb in writing... Your songwriting and your voice are gentle treasures. Angela Papworth, Appleby Women Probus of Burlington, ON

It was a pleasure hearing and seeing Angelica's performance at Probus Club of Orangeville. The audience was totally captivated. Carol Cuthbert, Probus of Orangeville, ON

Angelica, it's hard to capture you in just a few words. You shared with us a fascinating life journey and managed to redefine success for us all. Being Program Director is something that brings me joy because I am able to meet people like you. Your voice is a true gift. We felt blessed by your visit today. Doreen Scott-Dunne, Program Director Central Peel Mixed Probus, ON

You shared with us a fascinating journey. I would say 'The Story Behind My Song' is a wonderful, perfectly fittet title for this talk today. We're absolutely thrilled with your beautiful sound and range. Ray Scanlan, President Mixed Brampton Probus, ON

The feedback was VERY positive. Angelica not only has a wonderful voice but her storytelling ability is excellent as well. Thanks for the selection of songs. I saw tears in the eyes of many when she sang 'The Prayer' and 'All I Ask Of You'. Roy MacKay, Program Chair Escarpment Probus of Milton, ON

Thanks again for presenting to our Probus group. One of our members thought you were the best speaker of the year. Another said you were inspirational. Many remarked on your clear, beautiful voice. Betty Mottershead, Speakers' Chair Probus of Cooksville, Mississauga, ON

Our Probus club had the good fortune to hear Angelica Ganea's fascinating story. At the end of her talk she blessed us with her stunning vocals. Such a beautiful voice - very moving. Many of our members mentioned to me how much they enjoyed Angelica's presentation. Thank you Angelica. Janine Morris, Speakers' Chair Appleby Women's Probus, ON

Angelica you are a breath of fresh air. After learning the real struggles people experience in other parts of the world, and still, are able to find joy in the simple things, it makes me truly apprecaite this beautiful country we're living in. Neil Watson, Chairman of the Speakers' Commitee Brampton Probus, ON

We thoroughly enjoyed Angelica's presentation. Beautiful voice, inspirational songs, well spoken. Ann Buffet, Durham West Probus, ON

Angelica, after your presentation I received feedback from many of our members telling me how much they had enjoyed your story and your singing. I myself have found your story of growing up and performing in Ceausescu's Romania both educational and entertaining. You told the story very well and I thoroughly enjoyed your singing - especially of your own songs. Thank you so much! Roy Boon, Speakers' Chair Durham West Probus, ON

What a lovely change of pace from the speakers we have had before! What a story! Barry Davis, Oshawa Probus, ON

What an incredible singer and what an inspirational story! People from all over the world will hear of you and will be so inspired to take charge and make a positive change in their lives. Garry Sutton, Host of York's Morning News Radio Show, WSBA 901, PA

I was touched by your story and voice in several ways . . . Keep on singing and speaking. Norman Loveland, past President the Mixed Probus of Oakville, ON